If you’d like to find out how to maintain your own bike, we will soon have a range of live, interactive online classes on Zoom, which you can join on a suitable PC, laptop, tablet, or phone. In these one-hour sessions, which will cost £10 per person, classes of up to 10 people can start with the basics like puncture repairs, safety checks, and cleaning and oiling bikes. For more experienced cyclists, we will have classes which include brakes (cable-operated rim brakes) and gears, for example.

In these classes, you’ll be able to study with one of our mechanics as they take you through topics step-by-step, with time for you to ask all those questions which pre-recorded videos on the internet haven’t been able to answer for you. And if you have other questions which only come to you after the class, you can always email us for any follow-up information you might need.


Once the classes become available, please pick a class and date from the schedule of classes below. Then, when you book your place on a class (just call 07852-521577 or email, let us know what make and model of bike you have, and we’ll match you with classmates who have the same style of bike, so the contents of the class are always relevant to you and your ride.


As soon as they’re ready to book, we’ll be offering the following classes:

Safety checks

Learn how to give your bike a thorough check to see if it’s safe to ride or not, and correct some of the more basic problems you might find on it. This class costs £10 per person and we’re hoping to have it ready for Spring 2022.


Learn how to get your front and rear brakes working properly, including how to replace cables and brake blocks. This class also costs £10 per person.


Learn how to get your back gears working properly, including how to replace cables. As with our other classes, this one costs £10 per person.